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Samples of our websites
Samples of CD labels, booklets and tray liners
Samples of leaflets, flyers, newsletters
Miscellaneous samples: eg business card, stationery, logo, presentation
Samples of our 'no frills' recording
Established as performers in the local acoustic/folk music scene, the majority of our work to date has been music related. We believe the skills and experience we have gained can be equally well applied in many other areas.

We offer no rush, no hassle individual attention and sensible, reasonable prices. Services include:

Website design (including makeovers of existing sites)
CD insert and label design
Flyer/leaflet, newsletter and business stationery design
Songbook design
PowerPoint presentation
'Web-on-a-disc' promotional CD
'No frills' recording (see below)
'No frills' recording - captured digitally, a little bit of tweaking and mixing, then transferred to CD (no multi-tracking, no special effects... that is best done by professional studios). We have recorded local artistes, transferred their music to CD, designed and produced the CD inlays and labels. We also recorded nights at a local folk club (listen to extracts at www.ashingtonfolkclub.co.uk).
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